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In the global context, individuals often need to travel to different places for different reasons. While traveling within the borders of their home county, they might not require taking permissions. But the same individual when he/she travels across the international border surely needs to take permission from both the home country and the country the individual plans to visit. This permission is in the form of visa. Visas are of different types especially suiting the purpose of visit of the individual.

Working Holiday Visa is a type of visa offered by various countries to serve such a special need of some individuals. This type of visa is essentially a residence permit which allows the visitor to undertake professional or educational assignments in the country of visit for which the visa is granted. Such professional assignments are often undertaken to supplement the travel costs of the individuals while visiting this foreign land.

Such Working Holiday Visa also enables the students to fund their expenses while undergoing a course of study in the foreign land. This helps the student in terms of avoiding the lengthy and costly process of finding work sponsorship prior to applying for a course out of his/her home country. This also helps the students who wish to go in for university exchange programs to fund their living in the foreign land.

There are various companies which facilitate the process of getting Working Holiday Visa. The individual needs to approach these companies and get going with their trips. While they connect with such a company, the individuals can leave the process of visa application on these companies and concentrate on other planning prior to visiting a foreign land.

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Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

Star World Group is a very professional and knowledgeable immigration consultants. Most importantly they know how to represent client case as compared to others. That have in depth knowledge of immigration laws and follows the procedure. They helped me with my successful immigration to Singapore

Gujinder Singh Sandhu

Gujinder Singh Sandhu

I am highly impressed with the visa service provided by Star World Group. I am happy that my work permit application goes so smoothly under the guidance of Star World Group extremely efficient staff. Brilliant service!


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