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About Star World Group

WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services

The STAR WORLD GROUP is a multi-national partnership that unfurls universally from Asia to Europe with organization workplaces in eight nations particularly CANADA,USA,AUSTRALIA,NZ,UK,EUROPE,UAE, Republic of India and Singapore. Our Specialties grasp Wealth Management, Project Finance, Visa Services, resources offices. We have a GROUP of to a great degree capable expert that energetically works towards meeting the necessities of every organizations and individuals.

study visa

Study Visa

Singapore, the most developed Island city state, near Malaysia is also known as the global financial center. Situated in the south east of Asia, this global financial center, boasts of having a multicultural population. This multicultural population renders it the tag of being a developmental...

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work visa

Work Visa

Getting a work visa is the constant topic of conversion amongst the expatriate crowd around the globe. Getting a work grant in couple of nations is a test. It will make you have a feeling that you're interminably striking your head against a divider...

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tourist visa

Holiday Visa

In the global context, individuals often need to travel to different places for different reasons. While traveling within the borders of their home county, they might not require taking permissions. But the same individual when he/she travels across the international....

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special in refusal cases

Refusal cases

The first step towards planning to visit to an international destination is obtaining the visa for the said destination. The visa procedures are lengthy and also attract huge efforts and costs. The applicants need to follow stringent procedural guidelines in order to apply for visas of various...

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multiple tourist visa

Multiple Tourist Visa

Change is the only constant in this ever changing and ever growing human civilization on earth. We, human beings, just like other living beings, need to travel aound places foir various reasons such as business, social, and personal reasons...

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canada visa

Canadian Visa

Globalization has increasingly stepped up the movement of people beyond international borders. This has basically reduced the physical barriers between countries and organizations usually take the benefit of acquiring and sourcing the best...

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usa visa

USA Visa

USA or United States of America is the most developed country in the world. The country is developed not only in terms of progress but also in terms of human development. The country exceeds the expectations of common people and has reached...

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australia visa

Australian Visa

Australia, the Island country in the Pacific Ocean, is known for mesmerizing beauty, cricket, education facilities, and professional development. The country is a progressive country bestowed with immense natural beauty and natural resources...

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  1. We live in a period when clients anticipate that administrations will be conveyed nonstop, without intrusion. Fantastic and predictable client administration is the establishment of STAR WORLD GROUP.
  2. Since long we have effectively helped a great many families, people and organizations with their movement to abroad.
  3. We put stock in genuineness, uprightness and decency in all managing.
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We are excellent and worldwide leading Immigration service provider with our great success rate.

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    Important Advice

    • Immigration Law is extremely unpredictable. A little oversight may ruin your case.
    • Arrangement for deferrals in application and reestablishment forms.
    • Try not to abuse any immigration visa provisions or laws.
    • Movement officers anticipate that you will be on schedule for your migration meeting.
    • A Qualified and Certified movement Expert can put you on the right way prompting achievement.
    • Check your visa before taking any work whether you are qualified to work or not.
    • If it's not too much trouble ensure you select the right visa classification while filling your application.

    Success Stories

    What our clients say about us

    Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar

    Star World Group is a very professional and knowledgeable immigration consultants. Most importantly they know how to represent client case as compared to others. That have in depth knowledge of immigration laws and follows the procedure. They helped me with my successful immigration to Singapore

    Gujinder Singh Sandhu

    Gujinder Singh Sandhu

    I am highly impressed with the visa service provided by Star World Group. I am happy that my work permit application goes so smoothly under the guidance of Star World Group extremely efficient staff. Brilliant service!