Study Visa

Effect of study abroad on a student’s personal, proficient, and scholastic life demonstrates that study abroad emphatically and unequivocally impacts the vocation way. The study visa permits you to enter remote nationals as a full time student at any certified school, college or some other establishment…

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tourist visa

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is proper for the individuals who might want to visit outside nations for tourism or non business reason. STAR WORLD GROUP is the most solid consultancy organization which is known for giving the best overall tourist consultancy administrations…

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rejected visa

Special in refusal case

On the off chance that your visa is denied or scratched off, STAR WORLD GROUP experts will control you for refusal case. We help our clients case by case. STAR WORLD GROUP gives case by case help to the clients…

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work visa

Work VIsa

Getting a work visa is the constant topic of conversion amongst the expatriate crowd around the globe. Getting a work grant in couple of nations is a test. It will make you have a feeling that you’re interminably striking your head against a divider, as you’ll regularly find that you can’t be allowed a work license without an occupation, however in the meantime, most organizations won’t contract you without this archive.

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